Our capabilities at INDUSCO Environmental Services include system evaluation, design, supply, fabrication services, emission testing, installation, start up, operator training and Field Service support for air pollution control and chemical process equipment and systems. Our business philosophy is to use practical design procedures and incorporate ideas that make the application a complete success while being operator friendly.

Our specialties include; scrubbers, tanks, ductwork, dampers, fittings, fans, pumps, instrumentation, piping, controls, etc.   With a typical turnkey system we can offer a total integrated system complete with all supervision, labor, tools, equipment, engineering services, foundations, structural components, electrical, instrumentation, start up, and operator training.  We also offer pilot studies, pilot systems, and field evaluation of new technologies.

And maximizing the scrubber and degasifier system performance and life requires routine maintenance. INDUSCO can work with your team to provide the required expertise and knowledge to troubleshoot any problems, provide the necessary routine inspections, repairs and replacement parts.

Common Field Services Include:

• Repack Jobs
• New packing media installation
• Removal & disposal of fouled packing
• Key Internal Replacements: liquid distribution systems, demisters & packing support plates
• Replacement Vessels & Chemical Tanks


  • Original OEM parts
  • Customized service offerings to meet your budget requirements
  • Quick response Service times

Call us today at 252-621-2338 or email at sales@induscoenviro.com to discuss how we can help you Service or Modernize your existing odor control or chemical processing system.