INDUSCO Environmental is dedicated to providing our clients with the most reliable solution at a market-leading price

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INDUSCO Environmental, Air Pollution Control and Chemical Processing Equipment for Industrial and Municipal Applications:

Indusco Environmental Services is a leading provider of chemical scrubbers, degasifiers (air strippers), carbon adsorbers, bio-trickling scrubbers, vertical packed bed towers, venturi scrubbers, chemical fume scrubbers, chemical tanks and horizontal cross-flow scrubber systems.

INDUSCO works closely with our customers to develop a custom solution to meet their unique application requirements.  We incorporate a turn-key project approach to each application using the most reliable and cost-effective system components including FRP, aluminum and steel vessels, efficient hi-flow, low pressure drop packing media, liquid distribution systems, demisters, fans, pumps, interconnecting system ductwork, dampers, control panels and instrumentation.

For over 40 years, INDUSCO has worked tirelessly to become known as a reliable, high quality producer of Air Pollution Control and Chemical Process Equipment and Systems for customers in the chemical, pulp & paper, municipal, metal finishing, aerospace, automotive, food & beverage, US government and wood products industries.  And we are honored that 65% of our business comes from repeat customers.