Modular Three Stage Scrubber System - Three Recycle Pump
Modular Three Stage Scrubber System - Three Recycle Pump
Large Three-Stage Scrubber System

Custom Manufacturer & Designer of Scrubbers for Air Pollution Control

Pre-Packaged Modular Scrubber systems are offered as a single or multi-stage units.  Each system is designed for the particular application and supplied with an integral liquid sump, liquid recycle pump (s), liquid recycles

piping, valves, instruments, and control panel.  The prepackaged unit provides a simple plug and play design features to make the installation as quick and efficient as possible.

Scrubbers benefits


These types of units are great for areas where installation space is a premium.  Unique features include the ability to incorporate multi-chemistries in separate liquid sumps for the best multi-stage scrubber system benefits.

Packaged modular scrubbers can accommodate any of your scrubbing and absorption requirements.


Fume Exhaust Scrubber

Laboratory Fume Exhaust Scrubber Skid System