Carbon Scrubber Adsorber units are offered in many custom designs to allow for the very best and highest efficient systems.  The carbon adsorbers are fabricated using the best materials of construction for the service intended, this includes; aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass, and thermal plastics.  The type of media is specifically selected for the application depending on the contaminant to be removed, this includes; coconut husk, bituminous coal, specially compounded media.

INDUSCO has successfully implemented several carbon adsorbers to effectively treat H2S for many wetwell and storage tank headspace odors. It is also common to use carbon adsorbers to perform a “finish polishing” operation for post bio-trickling scrubber applications.

Carbon Adsorber
Medium Nuclear Carbon Adsorber
Small Carbon Adsorber Scrubber
Large Carbon Adsorber Scrubber