Indusco Environmental Services, Inc. has been designing and supplying air pollution control scrubbers and chemical process systems since 1983.   Our extensive experience in the air pollution and chemical process Industry has enabled Indusco Environmental Services, Inc. to be one of the foremost innovators with a long history of specialized knowledge and ability to provide the best solutions with the most cost effective results.

Indusco Environmental Services, Inc. offers clients a complete evaluation for recommendations and preliminary review for assistance with the type equipment required but also placement and orientation layout of equipment and complete system layout designs with all ancillary equipment and specifications. Indusco Environmental Services, Inc. recommends the best equipment for the application. we are not an equipment representative type company. We are a grass roots design/supply organization that excels in meeting the specific needs of our clients.

Our designs are based on industry standards for all disciplines of services, mechanical, structural, chemical, and electrical. We adhere to all local and federal engineering standard practices and proved Professional Engineered stamped calculations and drawings when required for the State where equipment is to be installed.

Mine Scrubber
Air Strippers w/Platforms & Fan Houses
Two Stage Scrubber w/chemical tanks
Metering Pump enclosure w/pumps
Section of a multi-staged Odor Control Scrubber System
Recirculation Pump Skid System