Air Stripper
Degasifiers Systems-Four-Dega and Four Off Gas Scrubbers
Large Degasifiers and Off Gas Scrubber-Systems

Air Strippers or also known as Degasifier or Aerator; is an economical and effective means of removing contaminates such as hydrogen sulfide, VOC’s, PCE, TCE and many others.  These systems are typically used in groundwater, desalination, reverse osmosis, and contaminated water process applications.

Over the years INDUSCO has successfully designed and implemented many air strippers to address critical contaminant removal needs for Ammonia (NH3), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Tetrachloroethylene (TCE) among many others.

The Indusco Environmental Services Inc. Air Stripper Systems are unique in that the whole system is designed, fabricated and supplied with the most efficient and most effective process available from a single manufacturer.

This statement is supported by the facts of; correct design characteristics, features for proven degasifier conditions and; construction materials, construction methods, detail of all aspects and features used in all items supplied with the IES Systems.

IES has a history of supplying the most reliable and efficient degasifier and off gas treatment equipment and complete systems.  These include; typical ground water treatment, reverse osmosis process, contaminated VOC Super Fund cleanup operations, nuclear isotope/ammonia disassociation process separation.  Along with the main process of water/air stripping IES has successfully supplied all the supporting process equipment related to the complete systems.  These include; off-gas treatment, supporting equipment such as fans, air heaters, pumps, controls, instruments, tanks, chemical process treatment systems.