Indusco Environmental Services, Inc. is a leader in the Air Pollution Control Industry we offer a wide variety of services which include system evaluation, design, fabrication, integration, installation, start up, and operator training for Air Pollution Control and Chemical Process Equipment and Systems.  Our business philosophy is to use practical design procedures and incorporate ideas that make the application a complete success while being operator friendly.

Our specialties include; Scrubbers, Venturi Scrubbers, Chemical Scrubbers, Scrubbers Ammonia, Fume Scrubbers, Carbon Absorbers, Air Strippers, Degasifiers and Aerators, Odor Control, Fume Removal, Tank Fume Vent, Tanks, Ductwork, Dampers, Fittings, Fans, Pumps, Stacks, Piping, Instrumentation, and Controls.

We offer a totally integrated system complete with supervision, equipment, engineering services, structural components, electrical, instrumentation, start-up, and operator training.
We also offer pilot studies, pilot systems, and field evaluation of new technologies.

Indusco Environmental Services, Inc. offers Environmental equipment and systems with the best quality equipment components for any particular project with the most value to our customers.