Indusco Environmental Manufacturer and Design of Venturi Scrubbers for Air Pollution Control


Venturi Scrubbers Design

Venturi Scrubbers is designed to remove particles out of the gas stream some as small as 1 micron.

How does a Venturi Scrubber Works

Particulate removal is accomplished by contacting the particulate-laden gas stream with scrubbing liquid and accelerating the flow through an orifice, thus causing a high-pressure drop differential. This high-pressure drop differential enables the particulate to be removed from the gas stream. Venturi Scrubbers are very effective in emission reduction in fly ash, sulfur dioxide, furnaces, and boilers

How does a Scrubbers Works

Scrubbers are designed for applications requiring the removal of a wide range of various types of contaminants from various types of gas streams. Typical applications for contaminant removal include noxious or toxic fumes from all types of chemical process operations or odorous fumes from industrial processes, wastewater, sewage treatment, and compost facilities.

Types of Venturi Scrubbers

The two main types of scrubbers are wet scrubbers and dry scrubbers. These scrubbers can reduce up to 90% of emissions that contribute to smog and acid rain. Wet scrubbers are effective air pollution control devices for removing particles or gases from industrial exhaust streams.


Venturi Scrubbers Wood Fired Boiler
Venturi Scrubbers Cyclonic Separator
Dust Venturi Scrubber
Dust Venturi Scrubber
Venturi Scrubber