Ammonia Air Strippers

The Indusco Environmental Services Inc. Air Stripper Systems are unique in that the whole system is designed, fabricated, and supplied with the most efficient and most effective process available from a single manufacturer.

This statement is supported by the facts of; correct design characteristics, features for proven degasifier conditions and; construction materials, construction methods, detail of all aspects and features used in all items supplied with the IES Systems.

Ammonia Air Stripper Supplier

Indusco Environmental Services has a history of supplying the very best and most efficient Air Strippers and off-gas treatment equipment and complete systems. These include; typical groundwater treatment, reverse osmosis process, contaminated VOC Super Fund cleanup operations, nuclear isotope/ammonia disassociation process separation.

What is Ammonia Stripping?

Ammonia stripping is a simple desorption process used to lower the ammonia content of a wastewater stream. Some wastewaters contain large amounts of ammonia and/or nitrogen-containing compounds that may readily form ammonia. It is often easier and less expensive to remove nitrogen from wastewater in the form of ammonia than to convert it to nitrate-nitrogen before removing it.

What is the stripping process?

Stripping is a physical separation process where one or more components are removed from a liquid stream by a vapor stream, like VOCs, ammonia, and other pollutants from contaminated water streams

Potable / Municipal Water Treatment Applications.

The use of equipment related to potable water that has direct contact with water is required to use materials and components that are fabricated of NSF-61 recognized materials or subcomponents (internals) and completed finished items. IES along with the full and complete submittal documentation for each system supplies a complete listing of all items and raw materials with the full traceable source of origin. This is to assure IES offers a reliable and safe secure method of offering the very best in water treatment. The equipment offered by IES is supplied in both; Straight Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic and PVC lined / Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic methods of construction.

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