Indusco Environmental has been working with the aerospace industry from the time of our inception. There are many aspects of the aerospace industry for which we can provide services. We have helped ammunition  companies dispose of rockets through incineration and many aerospace companies use our services for hard chrome plating of airplane appliances and accessories such as turbines.

We provide industrial fans for hangers and warehouse structures as well as helping you with your air pollution needs concerning the aerospace industry. Some of the more common effluents associated with the aerospace industry are hydrocarbons and nitrogen compounds, generally a byproduct of incomplete combustion, but also emanating from other point sources. Air pollution in the aerospace industry was overlooked for many years.    As our understanding of pollution and its impact increases, new laws are being passed in order control standards. There are many benefits to you as the customer for controlling your aerospace related air pollution by:

  • Elimination or reduction of air contaminants
  • Elimination or reduction of fire hazards
  • Economic savings through recovery of valuable products


The most common air pollution problem concerning the aerospace industry is hydrocarbon vapors. We can help with these emissions as they are released from a variety of point sources that can be eliminated through one of our systems.

The release of odor is closely related to the evaporation and filling operations associated with storage tanks. The concentration of odor is not directly proportional to the amount of vapor released.   Some of the heavy vapors may be very noticeable at concentrations as small as 1 to 5 ppm. These heavy vapors usually contain high concentrations of Sulphur and Nitrogen that can be eliminated with our systems completely.